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Equity Land Title was founded in 1989 by Greenspoon Marder LLP, one of the few law firms nationally to be involved in the timeshare industry from the very beginning. Backed by the extensive experience and guidance of the firm, now more than 240 attorneys strong, we represent and provide timeshare title services to some of the largest private timeshare developers and operators across the nation. At Equity Land Title, we process timeshare closings and timeshare title transfers for select resorts nationwide.  With Equity Land Title, you can rest easy knowing that our 30+ years of proven success in the resort and timeshare services industry is working hard for you.  In fact, we will take care of everything, from A to Z, to help ensure that your timeshare title will transfer or close on time, and without delay or complication.

  • Transfer ownership due to sale, marriage, divorce, death, or gift
  • Transfer ownership to company name
  • Transfer ownership to trust
  • Clear timeshare title of deceased owner
  • Change legal name
  • Title insurance issued on all sales
  • Record satisfaction of mortgage (residential, commercial and developer sales only)
  • Escrow services
  • Buyer deposits
  • Disburse funds
  • Record deeds
  • Review title
  • Issue timeshare title insurance
  • Issue loan policies (residential, commercial and developer sales only)
  • Quit Claim Deeds
  • Defaults

Starting the process you desire is simple. Please click on the appropriate timeshare resort from the below.  Then download, print, complete and mail the correct form for your timeshare title transaction to our office. Requested supporting documents and proper payment must be submitted with your form. Thank you for your interest in our timeshare title services.

Timeshare Transfer Form

For Timeshare Services, please contacts us at [email protected] or 954-527-6242.