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Title insurance can save you time, money, and in some cases it can even save your property. Think of it as a kind of security fence. It’s an investment that you cannot live without, for a risk that you cannot afford to take.

When you buy a property, you receive a title. This generally means that you receive full legal ownership. However, in some cases, there may be an undetected or hidden defect in a prior deed, mortgage or will that may give someone else a very valid and troublesome legal claim against your recently purchased property. If and when this situation occurs, land title insurance provides complete protection against any loss on covered defects.

This is why working with an experienced, professional and reputable Florida title insurance company like Equity Land Title, is essential. We provide complete, unmatched, expert services for both your commercial and residential land title needs. When you choose Equity Land Title, you are not only choosing the best – you are choosing peace of mind.

What can Equity Land Title do for you?

  • 2013 RESPA HUD-1 Guidelines and Quote – We can provide you with the fast, accurate quotes you need.
  • 1031 Exchange Services – Equity Land Title can promptly and properly execute the transfer of tax consequence when one property is sold and another property is acquired. This allows for minimization of major tax liabilities.
  • Document Preparation – Equity Land Title will secure and prepare all documents required for the transaction along with providing all necessary title insurance services. We adhere to all Florida land title insurance standards to ensure your closing goes smoothly.
  • Escrow Services – We provide escrow services by holding the money in an escrow account for all of your real estate transactions, making sure your money is kept safe and secure.
  • Guidance from Attorneys in Resolving any Legal Title Issues – Our connection to Greenspoon Marder provides us with the indisposable experience and guidance of over 75 attorneys.
  • Helpful Resources such as For Sale by Owners – We’re completely prepared and capable to help you sell or purchase your home or other property without the need for a costly broker or realtor.
  • Information on Real Estate Taxes and Homestead Exemption – Equity Land Title is your trusted resource. Our knowledgeable associates will be glad to answer any and all of your questions.
  • O&E Report – Equity Land Title can create an “Ownership and Encumbrance Report” (O&E) which identifies the last recorded owner, legal description, and recorded deed of trust or mortgage for a particular real property address, available directly from the public records.
  • Obtaining Hazard and Mortgagee Changes
  • Real Estate Closings and Settlement Throughout the State of Florida
  • Short Sales and REO Closings
  • Timeshare Purchases and Re-sales
  • Title Insurance
  • Title Searches