• What is a Deeded Timeshare?

    If you own a deeded timeshare, your interest is legally considered real property. At some resorts, you purchase the right to use a specific unit at a specific time every year. At others, you have a floating-use plan where you have to make a reservation in accordance with the plan rules. You may rent, sell, exchange, or bequeath your timeshare unit. You and the other timeshare owners collectively own the resort. Because this is real property, you receive a deed that will be recorded in the public records. Unless you have purchased the timeshare outright for cash, you will receive a copy of a recorded mortgage, lien, or deed of trust document.

  • What about the mortgage and maintenance fees?

    You are responsible for paying the monthly mortgage, unless you purchased the timeshare with cash. Regardless, you are responsible for paying an annual maintenance fee and property taxes. Owners share in the use and upkeep of the units and also of the common grounds of the resort property. A homeowners’ association usually handles management of the resort.

  • What is a Warranty Deed and Lien?

    Some states allow for your mortgage and deed to be combined into one document for recording purposes. The warranty deed is recorded to convey ownership. The lien indicates the financial obligation on the property, specifically for the owner’s portion.

  • I have paid off my timeshare. What document is used to confirm this?

    If a mortgage or lien has been recorded, then a recorded satisfaction will be sent to the owner. This recorded document will provide proof that you have paid your loan in full.

  • I have requested a transfer of title. What is the process and timeframe from the request to the recording?

    Once we receive the proper request forms and fees, we will prepare the necessary transfer documents and send to your attention. These transfer documents will need to be notarized and returned to our office. The entire process will take 30 – 45 days.

  • How will the resort be notified of the changes?

    We will send the resort a copy of the recorded deed for its records.